It’s all about the humble grain…

Grainmaker is Boston born and began with the simple belief that food can change lives for the better. Inspired by a journey through Southeast Asia, we combine the diverse flavors of street food with the region’s most essential ingredient: the humble grain.

Every meal we serve embraces the deeply rooted connection between man, woman, and nature through original grains, locally-sourced produce whenever possible, and humanely-raised meats, prepared fresh every day. The greatest movements begin with one small seed and we’re growing ours into a thriving community every day.



Rice has been essential to survival since the dawn of civilization. Not only does more than half of the world's population depend on it for sustenance, it has shaped cultures. Across Southeast Asia, rice is so essential and sacred that it is worshiped as a Goddess. 

Grains are simple, grains are humble. But without them, the world would not be what it is today.



Southeast Asian cuisine is one of the healthiest on the planet. Naturally free from gluten and dairy, most dishes are rice and vegetable based, infused with herbs and spices. We have created a menu centered on locally-sourced vegetables, sustainably raised proteins, and is naturally 100% dairy free and 100% gluten free!



We aim to bring flavors and options that you can't get anywhere else. Our signature Organic Volcano Rice is grown in Southeast Asia in actual volcano soil. Our Kale and Pork meatballs, hand made in the kitchen everyday, are inspired by tradition, but are bursting with new flavor combinations. Our steak is marinated in lemongrass. Our smoothies boast ingredients like lychee, ginger, jalapeno, and watermelon, and our street tacos introduce a tortilla to ingredients it has never seen before.

We innovate our menu constantly, as the seasons, new ingredients, and our community inspire us.